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Miliki Estate Phase II
What is it with us and views of high places? Better yet, why do we find ourselves inspired by your need for beautiful views? First Ngong Hills, now, the ever-beautiful Mt. Suswa. Don’t get us wrong. We are not complaining rather, happy, inspired and going before you to prepare for your coming. Visit us for your share of this prime piece of property today.

Kamangu, Kikuyu

1/8 Acres
Ksh 800,000

PROP-9112 ME2

The Undulating hills of Mt.SUSWA
If you are a lover of views out there, Miliki Estate Phase II is just that place for you. Imagine waking up each day to a nice view of the undulating hills of the feet of Mt. Suswa? The project is beset in a quiet neighborhood with a lifetime of fresh air while overlooking Nachu Substation, making country travel easily accessible with the recent SGR construction. Another sweet thing about Kamangu area is that it’s touching the newly constructed Dagoretti – Mutarakwa road that winds gently from the Sothern Bypass into a community endowed with decent shopping centres, well performing schools like Moi Girls, Kamangu and Green gardens. other amenities include hardwares, hospitals and restaurants. Did we mention that its a developing area? Within no time residents should be enjoying the benefits of a fresh bubbly suburb #ComeUmiliki!!!

A renowned alluring getaway set in a pristine ever inviting town

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