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Martin Njoroge, a visionary leader with an unwavering commitment to excellence, spearheads Milikispace Properties Ltd as its Chief Executive Officer. His journey is one of resilience, expertise, and relentless pursuit of success.

Having pursued a degree in finance from the Cape Peninsula University in South Africa, Martin has honed his wealth of experience and knowledge through hard work across various sectors, including finance where he has worked with prominent institutions including A.D.C.B.- Abu Dhabi and CFC bank. 

His ascent through the ranks has been marked by remarkable achievements and a passion for leadership. Martin’s drive to succeed is unparalleled, making him a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry.

When Martin isn’t shaping the real estate landscape, he indulges in his favorite pastime, golf on weekends, you’ll find him on the greens, strategizing each swing with precision.

 Connect with Martin Njoroge and explore the world of Milikispace Properties Ltd—a testament to innovation, integrity, and growth.





Milkah, as the Managing Director of Milikispace and a real estate guru, brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the industry. Her leadership and vision have truly set Milikispace apart as a beacon of innovation and integrity in the real estate world. It’s impressive to see how she combines her skills to shape the future of real estate with a touch of creativity and community impact. 

Beyond the board, she embraces rhythm; a thespian turned entrepreneur. It’s amazing to witness her multifaceted journey from the world of media, working with mainstream media houses including NTV, to the realm of entrepreneurship. 

Venturing into real estate during the pandemic, Milkah co-founded MilikiSpace. Her journey from the stage to the property market is an inspiring narrative.

Her ability to blend creativity from the media industry with the strategic mindset required in business is truly commendable. It’s like watching a captivating performance unfold in the real estate arena, where she brings a unique flair and vision to her role at Milikispace.





Judy Wanjiku Maina is the head of administration at Milikispace Properties Limited and serves as part of the management team of the company.

Judy is a capable, determined, confident and well-organized administrator with extensive experience in supporting mid and senior-level managers by facilitating smooth and timely delivery of tasks. Judy is also a highly approachable individual who has a pleasant attitude and a willingness to make a positive mark. Judy is competent and acts as a sole point of contact for both external and internal agencies and clients. With a bachelor’s degree in law, Judy has a varied background in legal processes particularly conveyance and administration along the way as well.





Elijah Mwita is a seasoned accountant with a verse experience in audit and finance.

He is the senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of Milikispace Properties Ltd and overseeing all aspects of the Company’s finances.

With over 20 years of experience from renowned audit firms, Elijah has inculcated his knowledge in internal control, financial management, budget and reporting.





Bernard is an experienced and results-driven sales manager with a proven track record in the real estate industry. With over 10 years of experience, he has successfully led sales teams to achieve and exceed targets while delivering exceptional customer service. He has diverse experience in the finance field, from banking, asset management and real estate transactions. His ability to build and maintain relationships, combined with his passion for real estate, makes a valuable asset to the organization.





Njoki Mwatha is a passionate individual with vast experience in sales and marketing expertise.
Her pursuit for excellence as a culture is a core principle.commited to success,integrity and client satisfaction she adopts a forward thinking mindset .
She embraces innovation and leverages cutting_edge technology to streamline negotiations and optimize outcomes.
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