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Kiambu town is strategically located just on the outskirts of the metropolitan city. It is the fastest-growing town in Kenya. Kiambu is known for its posh estates, gated and controlled developments. It is a shared and desired dream to live, invest, and/or own a property in Kiambu. Expansion and revamped infrastructure are other facets of Kiambu town’s development, with the county government recently setting in plans to continue revamping all access roads in the area, whilst endeavoring to adopt new technologies of road construction for more durable roads to make your continued stay in Kiambu sleek, joyous and convenient.
Kiambu, Kanunga
1/8 Acres

Ksh 3,750,000


PROP-9113 VG

Green is Vintage and Vintage is green

We are keeping Vintage endowed with green life, whilst ensuring a spacious, secure yet connected world for you to live or invest in as we ramp up on value addition with a touch of classic style. Beacons are on the ground and we are ready for development. We have been waiting for you because you have been waiting on us. A truly worthy investment deal, Vintage Gardens. Land investment has never come at a better time #ComeUmiliki


A renowned alluring getaway set in a pristine ever inviting town


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